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Public health series - nutrition while ageing part 1 Public
Paediatric respirology series - anxiety and other psychological factors in asthma Public
Free Resources Public
Urology series - Operating Challenging Endourology Cases: videos & experts discussion Public
Geriatrics series - Dizziness & syncope - interesting cases Public
Cardiology series - how to perform a TAVI procedure Public
Paediatric Respirology Series - GINA reliever Guidelines Public
Public Health Series - Ageing brain part 2 Public
Bariatric surgery series - obesity - the epidemic driving the pandemic Public
Bariatric surgery series - current research themes in bariatric surgery Public
Paediatric Respirology Series - Lancet commission Public
Public Health Series - Ageing brain part 1 Public
Geriatrics Series - Dizziness Public
Behcet's in children and young people - findings from a recent UK study Public
Nursing series - Running a quality improvement project Public
Paediatric Respirology Series - Live Q&A session Public
Paediatric Respirology Series - Pre-recorded Session on Multi Discliplinary Team Public
Cardiology Series - How to perform a TAVI procedure Public
Haematology series - EHA Highlights from 2021 EHA European Congress Public
Nursing series - Safeguarding in health & social care Public
Public Health Series - Are we ready to live longer? Public
Urology series - Lessons from a lifetime in reconstructive Urology Public
Geriatrics Series - Prescribing and describing in old age Public
Nursing Series - Patient Safety Incidents Public
Cardiology series - Clinical utility of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in the assessment of cardiac disease Public
Nursing Series - Pre-habilitation Public
Bariatric surgery series - The ins and outs of bariatric surgery Public
Nursing series - Patient confidentiality /duty of candor Public
Cardiology series - Practical approaches and decision making for percutaneous treatment of aortic valve disease Public
Urology Series - Discussion of some interesting reconstructive urological cases Public
Stroke Series - Decision making for aneurysm treatment Public
Public Health Series - Pharmacotherapy for ageing - Part 2 Public
Advances in Haematology (EHA and ASH) - Part 2 Public
Bariatric Series - Session 4 - The modern day bariatric surgery unit Public
Geriatrics Series - Incontinence Public
Bariatric Surgery Series - Weight Loss Treatment (Non-Surgical Options) Public
Functional Defaecation Disorder Series - Irritable Bowel Syndrome Public
Public Health Series - Pharmacotherapy while ageing Public
Part 2 - Recent advances in Haematology (EHA & ASH) Public
Courses Public
Talent development and Accreditation Public
To qualify for Scholarship Public
Inquire how to apply Public
Functional Defaecation Disorder Series - UK Surgery and the evidence Public
Urology Series - Posterior Urethral Complications in Prostate Cancer Public
Geriatric Series - Diabetes in Older People - Part2 Public
Functional Defaecation Disorder Series - treatment of constipation and evacuatory dysfunction in the UK Public
Urology Series - Posterior Urethroplasty surgery Public
Backend Public
Courses Intro Public
Geriatric Series - Diabetes in Older People - Part 1 Public
COVID-19 response from ENT department Public
Geriatric Series - The Geriatric Syndromes - Falls Public
Urology series - Anterior Urethral reconstruction Public
COVID-19 Response Series - Covid emergency Planning in a Community setting during the First wave in the UK Public
Thoracic Surgery Series – Lung volume reduction Public
Bariatric Surgery Series – New Concepts in Obesity Public
Thoracic Surgery Series – Chest Wall reconstruction part 2 Public
Cardiology Series - Intro to the percutaneous treatment of aortic valve disease Public
Geriatric Series - The Geriatric Syndromes - Delirium Public
Cardiology Series – Management of unstable coronary Syndromes Public
Innovation Series – The role of digital tools Public
Geriatric series – Types of screening tools Public
Nursing Series - Obesity and its psychological impacts Public
Nursing series - Obesity and medical treatment options Public
Nursing Series - Practical side of safety and risk management Public
Nursing series - Exploring myths around obesity Public
Geriatric Series - Common Geriatric syndromes Public
Recent Advances in Haematology (EHA and ASH) Public
Chest wall resection and reconstruction techniques Public
Nursing Series - Nursing in the Digital Era Public
Stroke Series - Interventional Neuroradiology Public
Urological Surgeon Public
Consultant Urologist Public
Nursing Series - Clinical Governance, Risk Management and Quality Improvement Public
Urology COE Series - Session 1 Public
Stroke Pathway - The impact of technology Public
Geriatrics Series - Introduction to the Medicine for the Elderly – Case Examples Public
ICU ventilation Public
Consultant Intensivist Public
Introduction to Acute Postoperative Pain Management and Acute Pain Service Public
Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Public
Invasive Fungal disease in Haemato-oncology Case Studies- Changing paradigm of diagnostics and management Public
Acute on chronic liver failure Public
Consultant Intensivist and Acute Medicine Physician Public
"Syringomyelia" Public
Consultant Neurosurgeon at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS trust Public
Robotic knee replacement surgery Public
'Fat Cell Therapy in Osteoarthritis’ Public
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy in ICU Public
Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine Public
ECG interpretation in broad complex tachycardia Public
Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist Public
Anterior hip Replacement: the “fashionable” approach Public
Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon Public
Nursing Series - Education and Development - having a clear 'career pathway' Public
Nursing Series - Using patient experience to improve delivery of healthcare and its outcomes Public
Introduction to Oncoplastic breast surgery Public
Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon Public
Consultant Breast Surgeon Public