"Stress in the Time of Corona" Series - Overcoming Stress at the Medical Work Place

Event Place: Online Meeting | Event Specialty: Mental Health | Event Duration: 60 min.

Session 1: Stress, wellbeing and sustaining our ability to care for ourselves and those most in need.

The changing and unpredictable nature of the Covid-19 pandemic is placing significant psychological and physical stress on healthcare professionals globally, forcing clinicians to make extremely difficult and life changing decisions. To sustain our ability to combat the virus and keep the general population well, we must pay special attention to maintaining the ongoing health and wellbeing of clinical staff.

Session 1 will explore how psychological stress interacts with our immune function, cognitive ability and performance. Attendees will learn how to stay positive under pressure, reduce the risk factors associated with stress and build in protective factors that enable the best outcomes for individuals within the clinical workforce and the patient population.