Introduction to Oncoplastic breast surgery

Event Place: Webex Online | Event Specialty: Oncoplastic breast surgery | Event Duration: 60 min.

Speaker 1: Introduction to Oncoplastic breast surgery and Educational programmes- A brief overview of the range of Oncoplastic breast conserving and breast reconstruction procedures will be presented. In addition this talk will cover details of  our award winning on line  course which is the highest qualification in Oncoplastic breast surgery in the UK and worldwide.

Speaker 2: Mark up for therapeutic mammoplasty-This session will cover the practical planning and mark up for a therapeutic mammoplasty operation. This procedure utilises plastic surgery  principles of  breast reduction  to achieve a good oncological clearance and cosmetic outcome.

Speaker 3: Demonstration of a Therapeutic mammoplasty operation- A brief lecture on this topic will be followed by a video demonstration of the operative technique. Key step. tips and tricks to achieve a successful outcome will be discussed.

Event Video

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