Event Name Category Date Speakers
    Introduction to Acute Postoperative Pain Management and Acute Pain Service Anaesthesia 2019-01-09 Dr Pradipta Bhakta 
    Invasive Fungal disease in Haemato-oncology Case Studies- Changing paradigm of diagnostics and management Haematology 2019-01-16 Dr Varun Mehra 
    Acute on chronic liver failure 2019-01-18 Dr Jacobus Preller 
    "Syringomyelia" Neurosurgery 2019-01-28 Mr Rodney Laing 
    Robotic knee replacement surgery Orthopaedic Surgery 2019-01-31 Prof Ali Ghoz 
    'Fat Cell Therapy in Osteoarthritis’ Orthopaedic Surgery 2019-02-20 Prof Paul Y F Lee 
    Takotsubo cardiomyopathy in ICU Anaesthesia 2019-02-22 Dr Milena Georgieva 
    ECG interpretation in broad complex tachycardia Cardiology 2019-03-04 Dr Sharad Agarwal 
    Anterior hip Replacement: the “fashionable” approach Orthopaedic Surgery 2019-03-06 Prof Ali Ghoz 
    Nursing Series - Education and Development - having a clear 'career pathway' Nursing 2020-07-24 Mrs Anita Macqueen 
    Nursing Series - Using patient experience to improve delivery of healthcare and its outcomes Nursing 2020-07-13 Ms Lisa Rickers 
    Introduction to Oncoplastic breast surgery Oncoplastic breast surgery 2019-03-12 Mr Chaitanyanand B. Koppiker  Ms Sue Down  Prof Jerome Pereira 
    Acute Stroke Pathway in Cambridge University Hospitals Stroke Medicine 2019-03-19 Dr Kayvan Khadjooi 
    Sleeve Gastrectomy For The Treatment Of Morbid Obesity Bariatrics 2019-03-29 Dr Emilio Manno 
    Difficult Airway-Case Presentation Anaesthesia 2019-04-17 Dr Rakesh Tandon 
    A series of presentations of 3 cases all of whom underwent fibroid embolization Gynaecology 2019-05-07 Dr Karen Morton 
    ‘Regional Anaesthesia and Analgesia for Shoulder Surgery’ Anaesthesia 2019-05-08 Dr Anand Sardesai 
    Total intravenous Anaesthesia Anaesthesia 2019-05-09 Dr Ram Adapa 
    Introduction to the Medicine for the Elderly – Role of Consultant Geriatrician Geriatrics 2020-07-01 Dr Duncan Forsyth 
    "Surgical management of metastatic prostate cancer" Urology 2019-05-16 Dr Prasanna Sooriakumaran 
    Autologous Transplantation in Multiple Sclerosis- better watch out! Haematology 2019-05-29 Dr Varun Mehra 
    Cambridge Experience Of Electronic Record Keeping Anaesthesia 2019-06-06 Dr Vaithy Mani 
    Management and recent advances in Aplastic anemia/PNH Haematology 2019-06-18 Dr Shreyans Gandhi 
    Single Stage Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation - SSACI Orthopaedic Surgery 2019-06-20 Prof Paul Y F Lee 
    Why choose surgery over radiotherapy for high risk and advanced prostate cancer Urology 2019-06-13 Dr Prasanna Sooriakumaran 
    Case Series of Traumatic aortic transection in polytrauma patients Anaesthesia 2019-07-03 Dr Famila Algarasamy 
    Evidence based management of patients with bladder cancer Urology 2019-07-04 Dr Ashwin Sridhar 
    ‘Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (GCA) made easy’ Geriatrics 2019-07-16 Dr Duncan Forsyth 
    ‘The Sweet Spot’ Haematology 2019-09-18 Dr Varun Mehra 
    Nursing Series - The role of ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) and Prehabilitation in improving outcomes for elective surgery Nursing 2020-06-29 Ms Lisa Rickers 
    Anaesthesia Series - Perioperative Management of suspected/confirmed cases of COVID-19 Anaesthesia 2020-07-08 Dr Rakesh Tandon 
    Spinal Regeneration Series - Meet the Experts Neurosurgery 2020-07-10 Mr Mark Kotter 
    Thoracic surgery interesting cases: the MDT approach Cardiothoracic 2019-09-19 Mr Aman Coonar 
    Clinical presentation and investigation of urinary tract tumours Urology 2019-10-16 Dr Prasanna Sooriakumaran 
    Re-think Cartilage Cell therapy Orthopaedic Surgery 2019-11-07 Prof Paul Y F Lee 
    "Nursing" Series - Session 2 - Meet the Experts; Career path in Nursing Nursing 2020-06-08 Ms Lisa Rickers 
    "Nursing" Series - Meet the Experts; Career path in Nursing Nursing 2020-05-15 Mrs Anita Macqueen 
    "Oncology" Series - Case Discussions Oncology 2020-06-15 Dr Penny Kechagioglou 
    "Oncology" Series - Clinical decision-making and patient communication during a pandemic Oncology 2020-06-01 Dr Penny Kechagioglou 
    "Oncology" Series - Oncology Care during a pandemic and beyond Oncology 2020-05-11 Dr Penny Kechagioglou 
    "Stress in the Time of Corona" Series - Support for staff managing pregnant patients' pandemic concerns Mental Health 2020-05-08 Mrs Amy Stoddard - Ajayi 
    "Stroke" Series - Using Telemedicine in Stroke care Stroke 2020-05-27 Mrs Lynda Sibson 
    Geriatrics Series-Introduction to medicine for the elderly Geriatrics 2020-06-17 Dr Duncan Forsyth 
    Stress in the Time of Corona" Series - Support for "pregnant staff" Mental Health 2020-05-22 Mrs Amy Stoddard - Ajayi 
    Best of the American Society of Haematology 2019 Congress Hematology 2020-04-14 Dr Vishal Jayakal 
    "Stress in the Time of Corona" Series - Overcoming Stress at the Medical Work Place Mental Health 2020-04-02 Mrs Amy Stoddard - Ajayi 
    "Stress in the Time of Corona" Series - Overcoming Unhealthy Guilt: Gaining Positive Outcomes From Negative Emotions Mental Health 2020-04-29 Mrs Amy Stoddard - Ajayi 
    Thoracis Surgery Series – Session 2 Video Assisted Thoracoscopy (VATS) Cardiothoracic 2020-04-22 Mr Aman Coonar 
    Percutaneous treatment of HCC with Chemo-embolization Radiology 2018-08-21 Prof Adam Hatzidakis  Dr Miltiadis Krokidis 
    Urological Aspects of Men's Health Urology 2019-04-22 Dr Prasanna Sooriakumaran 
    Role of osteotomy in knee regeneration’ Orthopaedic Surgery 2019-04-11 Prof Paul Y F Lee 
    An overview of Onco-anaesthesia Anaesthesia 2019-04-09 Dr Craig Williams 
    Endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of colorectal polyps Laparoscopic Surgery 2019-12-10 Mr Amyn Haji 
    Heparin induced thrombocytopenia - between a rock and hard place ! Hematology 2019-11-29 Dr Vishal Jayakal 

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