About Us

UKeMED is a Knowledge Ecosystem Offering Innovative Collaborative Services to the Healthcare Community. Through these Services the Global Healthcare Community can Share its Collective Expertise, Knowledge and Skills to Train Professionally, Work Together, Participate in Research and Serve the Patient Better.

Services Offered

UKeMED aims to create a single open operational space to support the development and deployment of telematic services for the management and sharing of knowledge and experience among healthcare professionals in all Operational aspects.

1 Share the Knowledge
Experience a wide selection of contemporary training material for all healthcare related disciplines and professions. UKeMED’s professional training activities are designed to engage you in interactive learning sessions; allows you to challenge established methodologies and practices; and develop or enhance skills by sharing your experiences with other professionals across the globe, skills that you may apply in clinical practice, research, nursing or administrating a healthcare facility.


Live Knowledge Sharing Employing state of the art video conferencing technology and interactive software, participants attend live online lectures either stand alone or as part of a course leading to certification, presentations on a variety of subjects from leading experts, real time challenging operations, Grand Rounds and Multi-disciplinary Teams and at the same time having the ability to interact with your colleagues leading the experience or participating within by asking questions and receiving feedback in real time.
Knowledge Sharing on Demand Participate in knowledge sharing activities which serve to maintain, develop, or increase the skills, and professional performance and relationships that a healthcare professional uses to provide services for patients, the public, the healthcare institution or the profession. The experience is provided through multi-modal learning opportunities via HD-videos, lectures, operations, simulation, role plays, demonstrations, case studies, Grand Rounds and staged Multi-disciplinary Teams on a variety of health related subjects for doctors, nurses and medical administrators. The attendees have the opportunity to discuss what they have experienced through social networking tools and forums.


2 Share through Research
Participate in research forums together with researchers and academics from across the world and participate in exciting new research projects and clinical trials. Submit your ideas for evaluation to world known researchers with the confidence that the IP rights will be protected and search for sponsors from the healthcare and pharmaceutics industry.

UKeMED’s Professional Training Activities are Designed to Engage You in Interactive Learning Sessions
Benefits to the Healthcare Professional

Continuous Medical Education and Training

  • Provides access to structured high quality educational and training content allowing the creation of learning paths for the learner 
  • Educational material not only to doctor but also to nurse and healthcare administrator
  • The content is provided from the leading academic institutions initially from UK, then from all over the world.
  • Training is validated through CME accreditation and certificates from Partner Institutions and/or professional medical organizations providing international career opportunities
  • Access from anywhere and/or self-paced learning
Benefits to the Healthcare Institution

Continuous Medical Education and Training

  • Provision of educational content from the leading medical schools in the world
  • Reduction of training costs through the provision of on-line high quality continuous professional education from a single source 
  • Development of customized courses to meet individual/group training needs and professional development
  • Offering continuous professional education from an impartial source valued across the globe, meeting the ethical code and professional conduct standards for the provision of educational content